About Us

Global Call Support is a Company founded in technology, laser focused on delivering quality technology and people.
We cut to the core of being a call center and BPO – technology and staffing. All this at a fraction of the price of our competitors.
GHF was born in the cloud. It was developed as a new type of service, cutting ties with old fashioned, slow to change, brick-and-mortar BPOs.

We have over two decades experience running call centers for major companies around the world, servicing Fortune 500 companies.
Our vision has been to build a company that puts the technology and stability first to create the best possible experience for the agents and end-users alike.
Similarly, our staffing isn’t tied to just one or two small pools of people to draw from. By allowing our team members to operate from anywhere with Internet, we are a truly international company.
At the same time, we also have the ability to offer local agents for a more personalized service.

Our Services

A Better Call Center For Less

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Staffing And Phone

We can use our diversified system to grab the best agents without boundaries.